Is Arbonne Legit or Is It A Pyramid Scheme? In Full Detail

The Arbonne International MLM distributes vegan cosmetics and personal care items. Although Arbonne’s roots are in Norway, established in 1975, its co-founder Petter Morck relocated the company’s international headquarters to Irvine, California, in 1980. The global health and beauty company Yves Rocher acquired it in 2018 and has been under its name since then. Arbonne promotes itself as a firm specializing in health and beauty by offering various cosmetics, vitamins, and other nutritional supplements, as well as haircare and skincare items. According to the company, each item is guaranteed to be 100% vegan and made with the finest ingredients money can buy. High-quality ingredients are cited as the reason Arbonne goods are so pricey.

What is a pyramid scheme?

Instead of providing investments or selling items, a pyramid scheme recruits participants by collecting an upfront investment from them and offering to pay them for registering other people into the plan. Recruiting new members becomes impossible as the number of participants in the scheme grows, making it impossible for the vast majority of participants to get any kind of return on their investment.

Can we call Arbonne a pyramid Scheme?

Since people can earn money through selling items and recruiting new members, it’s safe to state that Arbonne is not entirely a pyramid scheme. Even if a corporation only sells to its distributors, that does not negate the charges that it is operating as a pyramid scheme. Purchases towards the general public, as opposed to sales within the company, must account for 70% of your total revenue.

The company does not employ anyone directly; instead, they rely on freelancers. You may easily mistake the way Arbonne operates for a pyramid scheme, which is why that perception persists. There’s no cap on who you may invite, and when you have a sizable group of individuals in your “downline,” it’s time to organize. You benefit financially when one of your team members recruits a new member or makes a product sale.

How does Arbonne work?

The products of Arbonne are not promoted in any way. Instead, they rely on their distributors to promote the products. Distributors will use social media to market these items by creating a video demonstrating how the product functions. A distributor can make money in two ways: either by selling products or by recruiting new distributors. A distributor’s downline comprises all the people they’ve personally recruited, which grows more significantly with each new member. Everyone they bring into the fold underneath them will also be eligible for commissions. In other words, your earnings will scale directly with the number of guests you invite.

Can you earn through Arbonne?

Distributing Arbonne merchandise to the general market can still be lucrative, but your success is entirely up to you. Unfortunately, Arbonne does not provide information on how much money you may expect to make by selling these goods to the general public. That’s why you can’t compare them just on a 70/30 scale of overall retail success. By the 70/30 rule, we indicate that retail sales, as opposed to new member recruiting, are responsible for generating 70% of a company’s net income. In reality, the Arbonne consultants are the primary consumers, as they each spend over $100 a month on a product.

How much will it cost to join Arbonne?

There is a $49 registration cost and a $29 annual charge for becoming an Arbonne MLM Individual Consultant. On the other hand, you won’t have any things to sell just yet, making it extremely difficult to launch your firm. In contrast, you may purchase value packs at steep discounts, spending just $270 to $500 on a wide variety of things to test out and sell

Is Arbonne hiding fees and extra costs?

MLM Distributors are often regarded as the company’s most valuable customers. And since most MLMs sell anything, they don’t get labeled as pyramid schemes. However, one must wonder who exactly is purchasing these items. Who is this audience, the public at large or the marketers themselves? While both groups are consumers, distributors also make up a sizable portion of the market for the products they sell. Each Arbonne consultant must meet a minimum monthly purchase requirement to keep their account active and continue earning a commission. You won’t get any commission on sales until you invest money into the business each month.

How much do you need to pay to remain a member of Arbonne?

Maintaining an active Arbonne account requires monthly product sales of 150 PQVs. The value of 1 PQV value is equal to $1. In the United States, you will earn one PQV or Personal Qualifying Value for every dollar you spend on the products. So, to keep your account active and receive a commission on your sales, you need to spend $150 on their goods every month. You can cut costs if you get more people to sign up.

The more people you recruit under you and the more products they buy, the more PQV points you’ll earn. You would have to start spending again if you didn’t compel anyone to join your downline. Arbonne uses this as another one of its many tricks. People in pyramid schemes are rewarded for bringing in recruits. Arbonne rewards its distributors with higher commissions and cash bonuses. In addition to the monetary incentive provided by promotions, the promotion offers an incentive to concentrate on recruiting.


Arbonne, An excellent indicator of the quality of an MLM enterprise is the fact that it has endured for further than 40 years in the marketplace. To top it all off, the company has a solid 45-day money-back guarantee on anything they sell. However, many business owners advise against getting involved with Arbonne due to concerns that it is, in fact, a pyramid scheme. Most people who attempt to generate money in this manner are unsuccessful since success depends on recruiting new members rather than selling existing ones.

Provided the items are worthwhile and the compensation is fair, multi-level marketing (MLM) is a legitimate business model. MLM is problematic since it is costly and time-consuming, and even though they will provide you with products to sell, they would incentivize you primarily by recruiting new members. Recruiting new members is crucial to the success of any multi-level marketing business. Recruiting people is challenging because not everyone will sign up to sell the products with you.

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